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How to make Instagram Stories video do not lose quality after uploading?


Video Resolution

1080x1920 pixels

Video Bitrate

Less than 2000Kb/s for 15 seconds clip

Video Length

Cut it in 15 seconds chunks

Video Resolution

According Facebook guides minimum Stories video resolution is 500 by 889 pixels but for better video quality recommended resolution is 1080 by 1920 pixels.

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Video export bitrate

Next important video specification is export bitrate. You shouldn't use highest available bitrate in editing software, because if it's to high Instagram application will decode it itself at significant lower bitrate to reduce mobile traffic.

Maximum file size available to publish as is without any changes in application is 30 megabytes. Check it in editing software before export. We suggest to use 2000 Kb/s bitrate for 15 seconds files

Video length

Instagram allows uploading files up to 2 minutes length. But before upload they will be cut for 15 seconds chunks. As we mention in previous part any file manipulation in Instagram app will reduce video quality. If you want to keep it as best as you could prepare files for upload in your editing software before. Cut them in less or equal 15 seconds.

Instagram Filters

Do not use them. Do not let Instagram app make any changes with your files.

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Text on video, Call to Action, Geolocation, Mention and etc.

Only swipe up action do not change you original file.

If you wanna add some text on you Instagram Story add it before export in your editing application.

All question modals, geolocation processed in app the same way as text.

Instagram bakes in all text, mentions, buttons, geolocation and etc. in video so it involves processing with original files in the Instagram app.